K Menu Question

Pete Holsberg pjh42 at pobox.com
Wed May 16 20:49:29 UTC 2007

Dotan Cohen keyed the following on 5/16/2007 4:07 PM:

>  On 16/05/07, Pete Holsberg <pjh42 at pobox.com> wrote:

> >> As soon as the panel is unlocked, you can drag the Kmail icon to
> >> the panel and it will stick there. Be sure to lock when you
> >> finish.

> > I don't want it in the panel; I want it in the menu. :-)
>  After the panel is unlocked, right-clicking the K menu gets the
>  option "edit menu" or something to that effect. My system is not in
>  English, but the text should be similar.


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