GRip speed issue

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Tue May 15 13:57:16 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 15 May 2007, Dave M wrote:
> I am using Ubuntu v6.06 and GRip v3.3.1 (from the repository). I am having
> an issue with the speed that the tracks are being ripped from the CD.
> Sometimes it works properly, ripping at speeds that vary between 4x and 6x.
> But sometimes it will only rip at 1.6x. I have not found any pattern as to
> when it works and when it does not. It seems random. Paranoia was very slow
> (over an hour per track) so I am using CDDA2WAV
> (v2.01.01a01_linux_2.6.12_i686_i686). I tried adding --speed 4 to the rip
> command-line but I get the same results. Sometimes it works and sometimes
> it does not. I also tried --speed 0 which, according to the man pages, sets
> the drive to the default speed. Same results, sometimes it works, sometimes
> it is slow.

Is the CD clean and not scratched....?.     It sounds like it is getting a lot 
of errors and doing retries.

I sometimes have CD's that will slowly drop to 0x  and never complete.  
Cleaning lightly with an automotive polish/wax  will remove light scratches.

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