Mouse drift on Dell Latitude c840 running Feisty 7.04

Casey Stamper casey.stamper at
Tue May 15 05:21:11 UTC 2007

Adam M wrote:
> Hi Casey,
> That's interesting. Mind if I ask how much they charged for a
> replacement keyboard? How difficult was it for you to replace it
> yourself? I'm not much of a hardware technician (let's be honest, I'm a
> terrible hardware technician), so I'm always concerned about the
> difficulty of doing these sorts of things myself.
> Thanks,
> Adam
> On Mon, 14 May 2007 22:21:52 +0100, "Casey Stamper"
> <casey.stamper at> said:
>> I had the same issue w/my Inspiron 5160. I bought a replacement keyboard 
>> from Dell and have had no problems since.
I don't recall exactly and I'm not at work right now but I think it was 
less than $50. It's very simple to install. There is a plastic trim 
piece on the top that covers the power and reset buttons. That easily 
pries off w/the screen folded all the way back and then it's a matter of 
removing 4 small screws and the keyboard lifts right up. Then you can 
disconnect it from the mb. I'm not sure how yours works but it's 
probably similar. In any case, there are disassembly instructions on the 
web - that's where I found mine.

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