Evolution and spam filtering

J. Pablo" Fernández pupeno at pupeno.com
Tue May 15 04:12:07 UTC 2007

Once again I am trying Evolution and spam filtering just *doesn't* work
out of the box.
When I start Evolution from a terminal I see:
(evolution-2.10:22153): evolution-mail-WARNING **: ignored this junk
plugin: not enabled or we have already loaded one

(evolution-2.10:22153): e-utils-WARNING **: Plugin 'Bogofilter junk
plugin' failed to load hook 'org.gnome.evolution.mail.junk:1.0'

Does it need bogofilter? what filter does it use? how do I make it work?
In Debian Etch it seems to work out of the box.

Thank you.
J. Pablo Fernández <pupeno at pupeno.com>
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