Help. Getting frustrated....

David A. Gershman gershman at
Tue May 15 00:39:32 UTC 2007

Hello All,

I'm new to XUbuntu and new to  But I'm well educated with Linux
and XFree86.  I'm running Feisty Fawn with XFCE 4.4 and am just trying
to swap the caps-lock and control keys.  I've *always* used xmodmap in
the past either with an 'xmodmap .Xmodmap' line in my .xinitrc or
.xsession files.  

With XUbuntu/XFCE *I can't get this to work*!  ARGH!  What am I doing
wrong?  .xinitrc/.xsession seem to be ignored as is my .Xmodmap.

I know I can add the needed line to my .profile, but then its pointless
during remote text logins. I want to better understand all this.


David A. Gershman
gershman at
"It's all about the path!" --d. gershman

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