ncpfs problems

Chris Malton chrism at
Mon May 14 20:16:25 UTC 2007

I am using NCPFs as a backend to a piece of software I am writing and 
for some reason, on some usernames only, either some or none of the 
directory will be listed.

This only happens for some users, in some folders.

For example:

Folder (Netware Notation): KEGS_MAIN\USERS:Users\T01\TSIM

In that case only the folder contents A-L (inclusive) are shown.

In the following case nothing is shown.

Folder (Netware Notation): KEGS_MAIN\USERS:Users\H03\BARDWELL

Does anyone know WHY this happens, or more usefully, how to fix it?

It would seem to be a bug in the kernel module, but I can't seem to 
reproduce the problem elsewhere.

Any ideas?

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