Mouse drift on Dell Latitude c840 running Feisty 7.04

Albert Charron albert at
Mon May 14 18:54:41 UTC 2007

Adam M wrote:
> Hi Albert,
> Thanks for the reply.
> It may be that I'm naive, but if this truly a pervasive issue across
> operating systems for multiple models of Dell Latitude laptops, it seems
> that Dell would have big problems. To your knowledge, have they
> acknowledged this hardware issue? Is this something they can repair?
> This laptop is long since out of warranty, but I'd rather pay to get
> repaired rather than buy a brand new laptop.
> Thanks again,
> Adam
Honestly, I didn't check with Dell if they are aware of the problem or 
if they can fix it.  For me, I was able to hook an external 
keyboard/mouse and it fixed the problem, but I'm aware that this isn't a 
good "solution" for you and for most laptop users.  The fact is I don't 
want to botter with them because I fixed this laptop once (some 
soldering on a broken motherboard)....  Tho, when I started to have the 
problem, I read on the net that several users had this issue with the 

I think the way to fix it would be to replace the palmrest (the touchpad 
is built-in)... I think, the ribbon cable might get torn by the way it's 
folded inside the laptop (and there's no way to place it otherwise)...

Since the laptop is out of warranty, I think eBay or any good used 
laptop shop might be a good place to buy such a part (and it's easy to 

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