Mouse drift on Dell Latitude c840 running Feisty 7.04

Adam M ubuntu at
Mon May 14 18:15:09 UTC 2007

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the reply.

Probably the touchpad is disabled when the laptop is docked. I read
about this solution elsewhere, but an external mouse/keyboard just isn't
practical for me. 

You're right, other than this problem, Ubuntu has been running nearly
perfectly on this laptop. Unfortunately, this problem may end up being a
deal-breaker. :(

Thanks again,

> Adam -
>     I am using a C840 right now, have had from Dapper through Edgy to 
> Feisty on it and I don't ever recall this mouse problem on it. I do use 
> it in a dock at work with a traditional mouse/keyboard through a KVM 
> unit (two desktop under the desk). Maybe the definition of a regular 
> mouse causes the Synaptic driver to work correctly?
> Don't know, but this has been a great platform for Ubuntu.
> Kim

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