Pidgim (Gaim 2.0) issue

Mauro Grauso maurograuso at
Mon May 14 18:10:36 UTC 2007

Really brilliant! Thanks a lot.

I hope the Pidgim team updates at least the INSTALL file so people know what
is needed to get the program fully working. :-)


On 5/14/07, sktsee <sktsee at> wrote:
> On Sun, 13 May 2007 22:38:34 +0200, Mauro Grauso wrote:
> > Ah great. that's the piece of information I was after. Now, I'm just
> > curious, where did you find it? I mean it's not documented and there's
> > no forum or active mailing list for Pidgin. Have you looked at the
> > sources? It's the only thing I didn't look because of lack of time.
> >
> > thanks.
> > Mauro
> Yeah, it took a bit of sleuthing to figure out what was needed by the
> configure script to enable compile support for the idle time detection.
> Basically, I started with the "configure --help" output,  which said in
> the description for the "--disable-screensaver" option that the
> xscreensaver extension was used to detect idleness. So I did a recursive
> grep for any mention of xscreensaver in any files in the directory (grep
> -irl xscreensaver *). That came up with nine files, two of which had
> "idle" in their filenames (libpurple/idle.c and pidgin/gtkidle.c).
> Figuring that gtkidle.c was the best bet to find what I need, I opened it
> and found the reference to the header file <X11/extensions/scrnsaver.h>. I
> didn't have this header file on my system, so I ran a search using
> apt-file (apt-file search scrnsaver.h). It came back with
> x11proto-scrnsaver-dev package as the result. Installed that package and
> re-ran ./configure. It still wouldn't enable the xscreensaver extension,
> so I delved into the config.log file to see what errors, if any, were
> being produced.
> Wading through config.log I found the section where the configure script
> tested for the "XScreenSaverRegister" function and why the test was
> failing. It tests two libraries, libXext (-lXext) and libXss (-lXss), to
> see if either has that function. Apparently, if the configure script finds
> this function in either of those libraries, then the neccessary
> requirement to enable the xscreensaver extension compile option is met. So
> I checked to see if I had the dev packages for libXext and libXss
> installed on my system. I already had libxext-dev installed but not
> libxss-dev. So, I installed libxss-dev and re-ran ./configure and it
> finally worked!
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> sktsee
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