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James Takac p3nndrag0n at gmail.com
Sun May 13 07:48:36 UTC 2007

Hi Alex

That was the first thing I tried actually and the first method I found when 
searching online. Alas it just wont remember the apps added. On top of that 
it wont allow me to supply an order to them when I do add them. I've checked 
the help, but none of that seems to work :( Can't figure out why it wont 
recall added apps or wont allow me to set a priority level for them


On Sunday 13 May 2007 02:09:25 Alex Janssen wrote:
> James Takac said the following on 05/12/2007 02:38 AM:
> > Hi Guys
> >
> > Anyone know of a way to get a sript to start upon the completion of gnome
> > loading? I can get something to start during gnomes startup but that
> > results in unwanted side effects in this instance for the prog I wish to
> > start
> >
> > James
> Go to Stytem -> Preferences -> Sessions.  Add your script to the list in
> the startup programs tab.  Then set the ORDER value to the highest.
> Lower ordered programs are started earlier.  The default order value is
> 50.  Set yours to 51 or higher.  Click the help button in the sessions
> dialog to read about this.
> HTH,
> Alex
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