Moutning remote filesystems locally, not as seemless as it could be...

Gabriel Dragffy gabe at
Sat May 12 09:36:20 UTC 2007

A while back I was mounting an NFS share locally, by having an entry
in /etc/fstab. More recently I have switched to samba, and using smbfs I
can now do the same thing. It is extremely convenient having remote
filesystems so tightly integrated, meaning any application can make use
of them.

However, one huge problem that has bugged me, and has been exaggerated
by the move towards networking-manage-gnome in a default desktop
install, is that remote filesystems in /etc/fstab will fail to mount.
This is because a network connection is only established once the
computer has loaded up and a user logged in.

It is growing increasingly irritating for me to always open up the
terminal, run the command "sudo mount -a" and then wait a while as it
mounts the filesystems that I would have liked already mounted.

If any one has workarounds or suggestions I'd be glad to hear them!


Gabriel Dragffy FdA BA(hons)

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