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Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Sat May 12 08:47:23 UTC 2007

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Nils Kassube wrote:
> James Takac wrote:
>> Anyone know of a way to get a sript to start upon the completion of
>> gnome loading? I can get something to start during gnomes startup but
>> that results in unwanted side effects in this instance for the prog I
>> wish to start
> Well, I don't know the official gnome solution to this (I use KDE not 
> gnome), but you could make a script that sleeps for the startup time and 
> then executes the command you want to use. You would then start the 
> script automatically during the startup of gnome (like you wrote above). 
> The script would look like this:
> #!/bin/sh
> /bin/sleep 20
> /path/to/your/command
> You will probably have to adjust the sleep value of 20 (that is the delay 
> in seconds) to the startup time of gnome on your machine.

    Isn't there System->Sessions->Startup programs?

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