Antivirus program for ubuntu feisty amd64

cj debiani386 at
Fri May 11 03:07:56 UTC 2007

das wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-05-10 at 16:06 +0200, Davide Corio wrote:
>>> So in final, bang for the buck is less on Linux than on Windows. And
>>> buck is more expensive on Linux than on Windows. :)
>> +1 :) 
> +1 too.
> But, still, many of us have multiple-boot machines. And also a lot of
> friends or colleagues work in MSW environment. When they send a file in
> email, you can always know for sure, if it does contain virus or not. As
> a principle, I always check any attachment, if not coming from a FLOSS
> user, for virus. Last week one of my colleagues had a print out of one
> of his files from a commercial printer and just attaching the pen-drive
> to that machine got it infected. And I cleaned the whole thing for him.
> For the last six years or so, I work only on FLOSS OS, but I keep one
> anti-virus at hand and update it once every two weeks or so. A very
> easily usable one:
> wget it, 'tar -xvzf antivir*', cd to the new folder, and ./install. Has
> a GUI too, though never used it. It will automatically want to know from
> you, if you want to use the GUI. And from time to time, 'antivir
> --update' as root or 'su'.  
> ---
> das
If a friend were to send you a virus infected email, it shouldnt execute 
BECAUSE you are running linux.
Furthermore, windows cant access linux partitions, so the virus wouldnt 
execute even on windows. just FYI

antivir isnt bad..ive used antivir before. however, for speed and 
performance (and size), i choose avast! Antivirus (they are also linux 


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