Antivirus program for ubuntu feisty amd64

das paagol at
Fri May 11 02:45:49 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-05-10 at 16:06 +0200, Davide Corio wrote:
> > So in final, bang for the buck is less on Linux than on Windows. And
> > buck is more expensive on Linux than on Windows. :)
> +1 :) 
+1 too.

But, still, many of us have multiple-boot machines. And also a lot of
friends or colleagues work in MSW environment. When they send a file in
email, you can always know for sure, if it does contain virus or not. As
a principle, I always check any attachment, if not coming from a FLOSS
user, for virus. Last week one of my colleagues had a print out of one
of his files from a commercial printer and just attaching the pen-drive
to that machine got it infected. And I cleaned the whole thing for him.
For the last six years or so, I work only on FLOSS OS, but I keep one
anti-virus at hand and update it once every two weeks or so. A very
easily usable one:

wget it, 'tar -xvzf antivir*', cd to the new folder, and ./install. Has
a GUI too, though never used it. It will automatically want to know from
you, if you want to use the GUI. And from time to time, 'antivir
--update' as root or 'su'.  


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