Beryl at 1400x1050

Lea Gris lea.gris at
Thu May 10 16:01:20 UTC 2007

Devon Harding a écrit :
>> Are you getting error messages?
>> Can you run X11 without Beryl or Compiz (just normal 3D mode) and run
>> accelerated apps like glxgears?
>> Gilles.
> X11 runs fins at that res. and I do not get any errors.  Also glxgears runs
> fine (~ 60 fps at full res.)

Beryl require significant amount of RAM access for the 3D chipset 
because each window is cached and updated as texture.

The regular 2D X only use one framebuffer in video memory, at a time. 
Only requiering like width x heigh x 4 bytes (32bit depth) of RAMDAC 
accessible video ram.

Beryl 3D X require width x heigh x 4 x num_of_windows_layers bytes of 3D 
chip accessible memory.

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