Found a bug while writing CDs?

Michael S. Peek peek at
Thu May 10 14:23:15 UTC 2007

John Moniz wrote:
> It appears that the 'eject' is not unmounting first. Did you try 
> unmounting, then ejecting?

Nope, that's not it.

I've just discovered something else.

1) I burn an image to a CD-RW.  The disk is ejected when finished.
2) I re-insert CD-RW into drive, wait for it to mount.  I check that 
it's mounted w/ mount command.
4) Right-click on icon, select "Eject".  Watch via mount command as the 
media is unmounted and then ejected.
5) Re-insert CD-RW again, wait for it to show on the desktop.
6) Click on "Make Another Copy".  Select "Erase".  Disk burns, ejects 
when finished.
7) Remove CD-RW, place a blank CD-R into the drive.  Wait for the icon 
to appear on the desktop.
8) Using mount, I verify that the system does /not/ think that the disk 
is mounted.
8) Select "Make Another Copy".

The disk is ejected and I get "Preparing to Write CD" followed by the 
popup "Error writing to disk".

Anyone know of anything else I can try?

Michael Peek

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