Ubuntu.com listing laptops?

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Thu May 10 13:06:54 UTC 2007

On 5/10/07, jarrodhenry at comcast.net <jarrodhenry at comcast.net> wrote:
> No.
> I would not want to see that, because the goal of Ubuntu should be to get
> a Free OS out there to all.  I don't think we should turn our front page
> into an adblock for them.  I mean, after all, System76 and a bunch of others
> have been doing Ubuntu Laptops for awhile now.  Where's the support for
> them?
> What happens if Lenova comes along and wants to do the deal as well.. do
> we put them on the page?  Now HP, Compaq, and Lenova are in.. do we put
> equal sized ads up for them all?    It's taking a slippery slope type
> argument, but eventually we might see the day when there are just too many
> vendors, and we're putting too much of them up on the home page, and we're
> losing the content.
> As it stands, when I open Ubuntu.com, I don't see a single ad on the
> page.  It needs to stay that way.  We're in software, not hardware.    The
> Dell deal is great, but we shouldn't start playing favorites.

Perhaps the idea isn't completely bad, though.  What if Ubuntu were to add a
section to their site that says "Where can I buy a computer with Ubuntu
Linux Pre-Loaded?"?  Allow a link and a short description for each merchant,
in alphabetical order.  That wouldn't show any favoritism among merchants.
They could add a "Merchants, add your site to this list!" link.

I think that this would support all vendors who sell Ubuntu Linux-based
computers.  In turn, this may also encourage more vendors to put together a
Ubuntu package.  If they could get a link to their site on Ubuntu's site,
they might see more customer purchases.

-- Vince
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