Ubuntu.com listing laptops?

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I would not want to see that, because the goal of Ubuntu should be to get a Free OS out there to all.  I don't think we should turn our front page into an adblock for them.  I mean, after all, System76 and a bunch of others have been doing Ubuntu Laptops for awhile now.  Where's the support for them?  

What happens if Lenova comes along and wants to do the deal as well.. do we put them on the page?  Now HP, Compaq, and Lenova are in.. do we put equal sized ads up for them all?    It's taking a slippery slope type argument, but eventually we might see the day when there are just too many vendors, and we're putting too much of them up on the home page, and we're losing the content.  

As it stands, when I open Ubuntu.com, I don't see a single ad on the page.  It needs to stay that way.  We're in software, not hardware.    The Dell deal is great, but we shouldn't start playing favorites.


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> With Dell selling Ubuntu, should the Ubuntu.com home page have a
> (prominent) link to BUY A DELL WITH UBUNTU?  Something to show off a few
> Dell models that ship with Ubuntu, and let users go buy pre-installed
> machines.
> It'd be nice, rather than having to shop around to figure out which
> models of Dell support Ubuntu (if the end user realizes Dell sells
> Ubuntu loaded machines at all).
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