ligGL*.a in Feisty?

NoOp glgxg at
Wed May 9 18:08:28 UTC 2007

On 05/09/2007 10:34 AM, Severin Schoepke wrote:
> Hi list!
> Today, I upgraded my development machine to Feisty. All went nicely (I have
> a NVidia card and used envy in Edgy to install the latest driver. I
> uninstalled the envy-driver and envy prior to upgrading, as it is advised
> and then installed the nvidia driver in feisty again. No need to use envy
> anymore, since a fairly recent version is in the official repos).
> But when I tried to recompile a project I'm working on ld exited with an
> error that libGL was not found. Since I haven't uninstalled any packages
> after the upgrade, I was very surprised, that things don't work any more. So
> I began to investigate the case :-)
> I found out that libgl1-mesa-* (the glx version in my case) provides
>, so I imagined that libgl1-mesa-*-dev would provide the
> corresponding development libraries (libGL.a). Strangely, there is no
> libgl1-mesa-glx-dev, but the description of libgl1-mesa-dev said that this
> package provides the dev files for GLX. I installed this package, but my
> project's build error did stay...
> So I inspected the package (libgl1-mesa-dev) closer: I saw that this package
> does not include any headers and dev libraries, as one would imagine...
> So finally coming to my question: What package provides libGL.a in Feisty?
> Thanks in advance for any answers!
> cheers, Severin

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usr/lib/libGL.a						    libdevel/libgl1-mesa-swx11-dev

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