A Weird Problem after Installing Feisty

Madhusudan C.S madhusudancs at gmail.com
Tue May 8 15:33:57 UTC 2007

Hi Everyone,
                   My friend is facing a weird problem after installing
Feisty Desktop Edition. He is not able to connect to Internet also. So I am
writing this mail on behalf of him. He already had Windows and Fedora Core 5
on his system. Both were running smoothly. But seeing the features and
stability of Ubuntu-Feisty he wanted to remove Fedora and install Ubuntu on
                   He did so. During installation he selected manual type of
partitioning. Then he deleted the swap partition and his Fedora partition
and recreated a swap again and a ext3 partition giving / as mount point. The
installation went on smoothly. But after the installation he restarted his
system but when he selected Ubuntu in GRUB it said "Wait" for about a second
or two and a blank screen came. Nothing happened after that. When he got
into Windows it showed only his wallpapers, nothing other than that. Its not
showing the icons, not even the start bar in Windows. He feels that even
Windows problem might have occured because of Feisty installation. Please
help us.

 With Regards
- Madhusudan.C.S
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