7.04 Server or 6.06 LTS Server?

Avi Schwartz ubuntu-users874 at cfftechnologies.com
Tue May 8 05:15:13 UTC 2007

email.listen at googlemail.com wrote:

> Hello Avi
> On Tue, 8. May 2007 05:01:25 Avi Schwartz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to build a home gateway server which will run a firewall,
>> IMAP server, Postfix, very little web serving, mostly for personal use,
>> few php apps, anti-virus and anti-spam. This server will replace an
>> older and no longer supported Mandriva based server. What I was
>> wondering about is whether I should go with 7.04 server or 6.06 LTS
>> server.  
>> The machine I will use is a newer machine so I would like to 
>> make sure that whatever version I will use will support the hardware. 
> I don't think that 7.04 or 6.06LTS will differ in their hardware needs.
>> I also would like to have the latest AV and spam fighting tools. 
> What is an argument for 7.04, it's the later release
My experience with spamassasin is that it works great for a while until 
the spammers manage to get around it. Unless I keep updating it, the 
amount of spam that manages to get through keeps growing.
>> In addition, if I decide to install 7.04, next year when the new LTS
>> version will be released, will I be able to upgrade (i.e. from non-LTS
>> to LTS)? 
> I would say yes, upgrading should be no problem because it's only an upgrade 
> from one release (7.04, feisty) to the next (?.0?, gutsy).
This good news.
>> I know that the LTS version will be supported until 2011, which 
>> I love, but the question is whether the AV and anti-spam tools also get
>> updated or do they get only security updates.
> AFAIK there are only security updates whithin one release cycle, e.g. 
> spamassassin in feisty is 3.1.7 but in gutsy it's 3.2.0. 
> But IMO there is a better Debian based server distribution than ubuntu, it's 
> the univention Corporate Server (ucs) / univention Groupware Server (ugs), 
> and of course it's also for free. [1] (download, german) [2] pdf file with an 
> overview, in english)
> If you are looking for a server distribution you should have a look at 
> univention ucs / ugs. In my opinion what Ubuntu is to Debian in the desktop 
> field is ucs/gs to Ubuntu Server in the server field. (May be ucs is what we 
> will see as ubuntu server in the future, hope so)
> Give it a try, you will like it.
> regards,
> thomas
> [1] download: http://download.univention.de/download/ucs-cds/ucs1.3-2/
> [2] overview in english: 
> http://www.univention.de/fileadmin/uni_pdf_dokumente/060426_ucs-flyer_en.pdf)

Thank you for the information about Univention.
I will take a look although the web site has very little information in 
English.  I hope that the software is multi-lingual. I did like the 
admin facility from the little I understood (after not speaking German 
for more then 25 year, I am VERY rusty)...

Since I am building a new server and I am not in a hurry, I can afford 
to check out different solutions and see which one works better for me. 
If it does support English I will give both Univention ucs and Ubuntu 
server and see which one I like better.


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