7.04 Server or 6.06 LTS Server?

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Tue May 8 04:14:38 UTC 2007

Hello Avi
On Tue, 8. May 2007 05:01:25 Avi Schwartz wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to build a home gateway server which will run a firewall,
> IMAP server, Postfix, very little web serving, mostly for personal use,
> few php apps, anti-virus and anti-spam. This server will replace an
> older and no longer supported Mandriva based server. What I was
> wondering about is whether I should go with 7.04 server or 6.06 LTS
> server.  
> The machine I will use is a newer machine so I would like to 
> make sure that whatever version I will use will support the hardware. 
I don't think that 7.04 or 6.06LTS will differ in their hardware needs.

> I also would like to have the latest AV and spam fighting tools. 
What is an argument for 7.04, it's the later release

> In addition, if I decide to install 7.04, next year when the new LTS
> version will be released, will I be able to upgrade (i.e. from non-LTS
> to LTS)? 
I would say yes, upgrading should be no problem because it's only an upgrade 
from one release (7.04, feisty) to the next (?.0?, gutsy).

> I know that the LTS version will be supported until 2011, which 
> I love, but the question is whether the AV and anti-spam tools also get
> updated or do they get only security updates.
AFAIK there are only security updates whithin one release cycle, e.g. 
spamassassin in feisty is 3.1.7 but in gutsy it's 3.2.0. 

But IMO there is a better Debian based server distribution than ubuntu, it's 
the univention Corporate Server (ucs) / univention Groupware Server (ugs), 
and of course it's also for free. [1] (download, german) [2] pdf file with an 
overview, in english)

If you are looking for a server distribution you should have a look at 
univention ucs / ugs. In my opinion what Ubuntu is to Debian in the desktop 
field is ucs/gs to Ubuntu Server in the server field. (May be ucs is what we 
will see as ubuntu server in the future, hope so)

Give it a try, you will like it.


[1] download: http://download.univention.de/download/ucs-cds/ucs1.3-2/

[2] overview in english: 

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