7.04 Server or 6.06 LTS Server?

Avi Schwartz ubuntu-users874 at cfftechnologies.com
Tue May 8 03:01:25 UTC 2007


I would like to build a home gateway server which will run a firewall, 
IMAP server, Postfix, very little web serving, mostly for personal use, 
few php apps, anti-virus and anti-spam. This server will replace an 
older and no longer supported Mandriva based server. What I was 
wondering about is whether I should go with 7.04 server or 6.06 LTS 
server.  The machine I will use is a newer machine so I would like to 
make sure that whatever version I will use will support the hardware. I 
also would like to have the latest AV and spam fighting tools. In 
addition, if I decide to install 7.04, next year when the new LTS 
version will be released, will I be able to upgrade (i.e. from non-LTS 
to LTS)? I know that the LTS version will be supported until 2011, which 
I love, but the question is whether the AV and anti-spam tools also get 
updated or do they get only security updates.



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