LiveCD Creation Kit

Brian Fahrlander brian at
Mon May 7 06:48:29 UTC 2007

John Richard Moser wrote:

> UCK seems to only customize the Ubuntu LiveCD, not build one from
> scratch.  Not very robust, but alright.
> Reconstructor looks pretty close.  It looks GNOME-only though (what if
> you want XFCE or a Fluxbox-based CD?).  Again, it works off a base CD
> image, rather than rebuilding from scratch.
> My intended goal was for something that could be quickly used to, from
> scratch, build a LiveCD from any debian-based repository.  This would be
> robust enough for the developers to build the official LiveCDs from.
> Maybe I'm just a dreamer.

   I don't have the link, but I seem to recall at least ONE distro 
that's meant to do exactly that; check for possibilities.

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