LiveCD Creation Kit

Brian Fahrlander brian at
Mon May 7 06:46:45 UTC 2007

John Richard Moser wrote:
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> I'm still waiting.  Creating a LiveCD still looks like this:
> Sorry, I'm too lazy.  My boss isn't going to do this.  My cousin was
> going to, but she decided it'd be easier to figure out how to install
> Gentoo.
> I've built a LiveCD once.  That's quite enough for me, really, I'm FAR
> too lazy to want to do this ever again.  I know a lot of other people
> who want to but are scared off by the instructions.  And why do I have
> to customize an existing LiveCD anyway, why can't I start from scratch,
> where are the instructions for that?
> Is anyone else in the same boat?  Too lazy, too hard, too
> I-really-think-a-tool-should-exist-for-this?  I just wrote a spec but
> you know, all talk no action nothing gets done; but I'm just curious
> enough to ask, does anyone really have much interest in seeing this happen?

    Were you looking at the 6.06 version of that?  It's nearly as long, 
but that's due to customization idess.

    I'd like to think someone would make a customization based on a 
Firefly theme; something that uses Firefly video for examples, and 
special wallpaper instead of the default...or some large corporation 
pressing copies with their logo, for use in thier cube-farms...

     Or, a Linux-friendly computer-support company putting it to use as 
an advertising campaign...a cool CD to hand out at parties and such to 
kick off advertising of Linux support, locally.  Aye?

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