Suspend to ram doesn't work after Feisty upgrade

Mariano Draghi chaghi at
Sun May 6 15:01:04 UTC 2007

Jeremy M. Teale wrote:

> Mariano Draghi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> After successfully upgrading to Feisty, I couldn't get my laptop (Dell
>> Inspiron 640m) to suspend to ram anymore.
> You may want to start by checking here[1] to see if there are any known 
> issues for your model of laptop. Otherwise, I would probably file a bug 
> report with, at the very least, the output of 'dmesg' directly after a 
> failed suspend.
> [1]

Thanks for the suggestion.
According to that page, suspend to ram should work out of the box in my
hardware. And many other threads in forums suggest the same.

That, and the fact that it worked perfect with Edgy, and that suspend to
disk *does* work (and I assume suspend-to-disk is more tricky...), makes
me wonder if something could have gone wrong during the update.

I suspect of a missconfiguration somewhere.

But I don't know how to debug or inspect the suspend process. All I get
after the failed suspend is a useles notification of g-p-m, telling me
to check the FAQs --which of course don't even mention suspend to ram--

And the laptop indeed suspends. It enters the sleep mode. But the
problem is that something is telling the kernel, hal o whatever that it
failed, and it wakes up immediately by itself.


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