Suspend to ram doesn't work after Feisty upgrade

Jeremy M. Teale lists at
Sat May 5 02:57:35 UTC 2007

Mariano Draghi wrote:
> Hi,
> After successfully upgrading to Feisty, I couldn't get my laptop (Dell
> Inspiron 640m) to suspend to ram anymore.
> Suspend to disk works (most of the times, not always... but it has
> always been like that)
> But suspend to ram NEVER works, and under Edgy it worked 100% of the
> time.
> With Feisty, whenever I try to suspend to ram (either by lid-close,
> Fn-Esc keyboard shortcut or Gnome power button), the laptop seems to go
> to sleep (the screen blanks, and the power led start to blink), but
> immediately (after a couple of seconds) it wakes up again. Then a
> notification from g-p-m informs me that my system couldn't suspend, with
> no further information and/or reason :(
> How can I debug this? I was searching through launchpad, and
> there are plenty of bugreports on suspend issues, but none seems to
> describe my problem. And I'd like to get some more information about the
> problem before opening a new bug.
> TIA,
You may want to start by checking here[1] to see if there are any known 
issues for your model of laptop. Otherwise, I would probably file a bug 
report with, at the very least, the output of 'dmesg' directly after a 
failed suspend.

Jeremy Teale

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