X doesn't start. Used Envy

John Bekema john.bekema at gmail.com
Sat May 5 05:47:50 UTC 2007

Thanks Matt for your reply,

I found the error log and it says the following:
(II) Setting vga for screen 0.
(**) NVIDIA(0): Depth 24, (--) framebuffer bpp 32
(==) NVIDIA(0): RGB weight 888
(==) NVIDIA(0): Default visual is TrueColor
(==) NVIDIA(0): Using gamma correction (1.0, 1.0, 1.0)
(**) NVIDIA(0): Enabling RENDER acceleration
(II) NVIDIA(0): Support for GLX with the Damage and Composite X extensions is
(II) NVIDIA(0):     enabled.
(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module!
(EE) NVIDIA(0):  *** Aborting ***
(II) UnloadModule: "nvidia"
(II) UnloadModule: "ramdac"
(II) UnloadModule: "fb"
(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration.

Fatal server error:
no screens found
for me this is weird, I had envy install the nvidia drivers..
And how weird it doesn't find me screen xD
I get myself back to X to cp a xorg backup. But as mentioned
before, the resolution and refresh rate are quite bad.


2007/5/4, Matthew Kuiken <matt.kuiken at verizon.net>:
> John Bekema wrote:
> > ah, the attachment, sorry for spamming :)
> >
> On a quick scan through your xorg.conf, I didn't see anything really
> wrong, but it is hard to say on the basis of that file alone.
> There are a couple of things that might help get you back up and running
> while you try to fix your larger problems.  1) You are using the
> proprietary NVidia drivers.  checking that you have the correct module
> for your kernel, or switching to the nv or vesa drivers may get you back
> into X.  2) You are enabling composite in the options section.  This is
> a relatively new feature, so disabling it might help get you back into X.
> These suggestions are just guesses as to what might be wrong.  What
> would really help is to see any error messages in xorg.0.log.
> The file is relatively long, so please look through it and find any
> lines that begin with (EE).  These are the errors that xorg had while it
> was trying to run.  Please copy the (EE) lines along with about 5 lines
> before and after so we can see what types of errors are occurring, and
> what xorg is trying to do when it gets those errors.
> Thanks,
> -Matt
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