X doesn't start. Used Envy

Matthew Kuiken matt.kuiken at verizon.net
Fri May 4 16:29:07 UTC 2007

John Bekema wrote:
> ah, the attachment, sorry for spamming :)

On a quick scan through your xorg.conf, I didn't see anything really 
wrong, but it is hard to say on the basis of that file alone.

There are a couple of things that might help get you back up and running 
while you try to fix your larger problems.  1) You are using the 
proprietary NVidia drivers.  checking that you have the correct module 
for your kernel, or switching to the nv or vesa drivers may get you back 
into X.  2) You are enabling composite in the options section.  This is 
a relatively new feature, so disabling it might help get you back into X.

These suggestions are just guesses as to what might be wrong.  What 
would really help is to see any error messages in xorg.0.log.

The file is relatively long, so please look through it and find any 
lines that begin with (EE).  These are the errors that xorg had while it 
was trying to run.  Please copy the (EE) lines along with about 5 lines 
before and after so we can see what types of errors are occurring, and 
what xorg is trying to do when it gets those errors.


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