log into x as root

Greg Helton gt at fallendusk.org
Fri May 4 21:11:32 UTC 2007

Using `nautilus --no-desktop` would probably be better :)

Kent Borg wrote:
> As you have read, logging in a root is dangerous, so here is a
> somewhat less dangerous suggestion.  If all you want to do is
> manipulate files, fire up a Nautilus window as root.  In a terminal
> window:
>   sudo nautilus
> That window will let you mess with any file.  Use it to open a second
> root Nautilus window if you need to do drags that require root on both
> ends.  Then, close both of them when you are through so you don't
> forget and do something stupid that breaks your whole computer so it
> won't boot, deletes valuable data, etc.
> A good reason for doing this is if you need to do some dangerous
> stuff, like deleting lots of files.  It is much safer for me to drag
> something to the trash than to start using wildcards in a terminal.
> Also, it looks like installing nautilus-gksu might do it too, but I
> haven't figured out what it does.  (Probably have to logout and login
> again to see it, and I don't logout often--I like my context too
> much.)
> Hint: whenever I am going to do an "rm -rf /home/kentborg/foo/bar/*" I
> always type "rm /home/kentborg/foo/bar/*" first, and then cursor back
> and, add the " -rf ", press enter.  That way if I bump the enter key
> before I finish typing the path I don't risk forcing a big recursive
> delete of the wrong thing.
> -kb

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