Whatever happened to SNMP?

Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Thu May 3 22:46:40 UTC 2007

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    The "Simple" Network Management Protocol; the way to learn details
of the operation of routers, hosts, and a few other devices in a
standard way.

    Once upon a time, Scotty/TkIned was a kickass product that let you
put up a map on a second screen, always on, and it would alert you to a
host being down, even chart bandwidth in real-time. What a great tool!

    But Scotty's dead.

    Then came GxSNP meant to do a similar thing, this time in Gnome.

    GxSNMP's dead, too; at least it's not been touched in a long, long time.

    So if I wanted to see a map of my sites via SNMP, is Cacti/MRTG the
only way to do it? Nagios is for alarms, not friendly to SNMP, Cacti
works for SNMP monitoring, but knows nothing of alarms. And it's a
little tough to work out a layout- there's no discovery mode.

    I noticed the same thing with Multicast; a few years back, Linux was
in the thick of it. Perfectly ready to use it...but no one did.  There's
a lot of places Multicast makes a lot of good sense, but the docs on it
are ancient, and the people associated don't bother to return emails.
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