how to access lvm partitions with live CD?

Mertens Bram bram-mertens at
Thu May 3 22:28:07 UTC 2007


I'm currently running debian stable (etch) on two machines and I'm
considering switching to (X)ubuntu.

So far I have tested with a live CD of Edgy Eft (6.10) on both
machines and everything appears to be supported out-of-the-box as good
or even better than it is now.

I'll even be able to get beryl running on both systems!

Mounting the root filesystem wasn't a problem on either system but the
other partitions are created in lvm.

Is it possible to:
a) mount the existing lvm-partitions in a "live session"?
   - the lvm tools aren't installed, and I found no information about
     this in the wiki or through google so I assume it won't be as
     simple as aptitude getting the lvm-tools
b) if I configure a "live session" just the way I want to will this
configuration be used when I click the install icon on the desktop?  I
mean will it "simply" dump the current configuration to disk or will I
need to reinstall/reconfigure the applications I installed during the
c) edit the sources.list of my existing installation and aptitude
dist-upgrade into ubuntu?
   - that would appear to be the easiest way to move from one distro
     to the other with a minimal risk of data-loss or even down-time
     other than rebooting to get the ubunutu-kernel.
   - Because the two distro's are quite alike I would assume this is
     possible, off course there's the risk that my current
     configuration would somehow cause problems with ubuntu's patched
     software versions.
   - has this sort of thing been done?  Is it

Thanks in advance!

Bram Mertens

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