Panel Clock Problem?

NoOp glgxg at
Thu May 3 17:48:19 UTC 2007

On 04/29/2007 10:16 PM, das wrote:
> I am facing a clock problem for the past two or three days. When I right
> click on the clock and issue 'adjust date and time', it is working fine.
> I am synchronizing with the Net Clock by 'Synchronize Now'. There it is
> showing the proper time in that window, but the panel clock is not
> getting changed at all. I checked it with the BIOS too. It is showing
> proper time there. And this wrong time is getting inscribed in every
> system activity. The Evolution window is showing my mails with spurious
> time. I don't know what happens there where they reach. 
> Is it some kind of HW problem in my machine? 

Please let us know what version of Ubuntu you are running.

You might want to sync to ntp servers.

When you right click & adjust date and time:

Configuration: Keep syncronized with internet servers
Time Servers: Select Servers (click)

The time servers list will come up, select an appropriate server for
your region. I highly recommend using the pool servers:

>From your IP, you appear to be in New Delhi, so you'd use an
server from your region:

The server for India is: You can try that one, however:
There are not enough servers in this zone, so we recommend you use the
Asia zone (


So, back to the time server interface; you'd enter and check these
servers by clicking the "Add" button:
then "Add"
then "Add"

Make sure that you check the servers you've just added. Uncheck any
default server that may have been previously checked.

Note: in order for this to work you'll need an "always on" connection
(cable, dsl etc).

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