how stable is the ntfs read write support?

scott slewin at
Thu May 3 16:12:48 UTC 2007

Scott Lockwood wrote:
> go with ext2, and install the ext2 drivers for
> windows.
Read/write support for ntfs in Linux through ntfs-3g is far superior in 
stability to the ext2 drivers in windows.  I tried using the ext2 driver 
in windows and lost two Linux distributions to faulty errors in the 
drive and I have herd others with similar experience.  I have been using 
ntfs-3g which works perfectly without a problem and never herd any 
problems with it.

Also, when you think of it, which OS are you more likely to be running. 
  If it is Linux the ntfs-3g is much more convenient as you can move 
files within the safe environment of Linux instead of needing to move 
into windows.

As mentioned, the FAT32 is a great way to move files.  That is what I 
first used when moving from windows to Linux.  Just make a smaller FAT32 
partition on your hard drive and place files in it from either system.

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