hard disk problem xp after Ubuntu

Arnoud van der Veer arnoudvanderveer at yahoo.com
Thu May 3 09:29:29 UTC 2007

  I have the following problem with my Western Digital serial-ata harddisk (Type: Raptor 10000rpm, 74 GB) : I have used this hard disk with two OS at the same time: Windows XP Prof. and Ubuntu 7.04 as a multiboot system. I had Windows XP already installed before installing Ubuntu; I had than 74 GB as totally available space on my harddisk (exactly as should be with this type of harddisk). Than I installed Ubuntu 7.04 as alternate file (from downloading). It worked, but I want to install Ubuntu on another system and to have only XP installed on this harddisk again. However, the space formerly occupied by Ubuntu is not to be recovered under windows XP. Whatever I do or try, there is some 4 to 5 GB of space on my harddisk not available anymore. If I format the disk in DOS through the Western Digital tool for this purpose, before installing XP, everything goes just fine: the tool shows 74 GB of space available and I can create partitions just as I like. But than, as soon as I
 start installing XP, the harddisk suddenly shows just 69,2 Gb of space, and the partitions created under DOS have been altered in size. Also if I create partitions in XP during the installation proces the same problem occurs: XP sees only 69,2 GB of space to begin with. And there really is 74 GB of space!! I have tried everything to my knowledge: I have used the option "read ones and zeros to the harddisk" to bring the harddisk back to factory state according to the tool from Western Digital; but even than, the lost space cannot be recovered; still only 69,2 GB of space available according to XP. I have run a test on the disk just to be sure it's not a failure of the disk itself: it runs just fine according to the test!
  What to do!!?? (I have also tried XP home instead of XP Prof, still only 69,2 GB of space...)
  Regrds, Arnoud (Netherlands, so please excuse me if my English is not correct)

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