Multimedia Keyboards and Exaile/Amarok

Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at
Wed May 2 06:30:43 UTC 2007

ke, 2007-05-02 kello 12:50 +1200, Jamie Dobbs kirjoitti:
> > ke, 2007-05-02 kello 04:11 +1000, Peter Garrett kirjoitti:
> <snip>>
> > I just wanted to make sure that you have tried the normal way - System
> > -> Settings -> Keyboard Shortcuts (or is it just Shortcuts in the
> > English menu). That's were I used to get the multimedia keys of my
> > Logitech Cordeless Comfort keyboard to work. It's a funny coincidence
> > that now when I just finnished re-installing Feisty 20 minutes ago, the
> > multimedia keys work without any intervention from my behalf. The "old"
> > installation - when I had to set the shortcuts - was only a month old.
> > Things just keep getting better :-)
> >
> Yes I've tried that and the basic keys work (most of the time), vol+/Vol-
> work without fail but the track skipping keys do not work in either Exaile
> or Amarok and for some reason the 'email' key works fine (lauches
> Thunderbird) but the "broswer" key does not... maybe it's time for a clean
> install since this was a Edgy to Feisty update????

I just noticed that only the keys that control the volume work with
Soundjuicer and Totem, Pause/Play, Stop, Next and Previous don't. All of
the buttons work with Rythmbox... strange.

Ari Torhamo

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