How to run glxgears in Feisty?

Larry Alkoff labradley at
Wed May 2 03:57:43 UTC 2007

Larry Alkoff wrote:
> Under Dapper, it was only necessary to run the command 'glxgears'
> to have a nice display and frame rate.
> When I attempt to run 'glxgears' on my brand new installation of 
> Feisty,  glxgears do not run but a usage message appears as below:
>    -display <displayname>  set the display to run on
>    -stereo                 run in stereo mode
>    -fullscreen             run in fullscreen mode
>    -info                   display OpenGL renderer info
> None of these seem to anything, particularly
> glxgears -display :0.0
> How can I get the old display I'm used to?

More information:
When I run glxgears from the old Dapper drive which is mounted in the 
Feisty machine, the glxgears display appears as normal except that the 
frame rates are not displayed.

> Larry

Larry Alkoff N2LA - Austin TX
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