Screensaver hangs

Lucio M Nicolosi lmario at
Tue May 1 20:00:57 UTC 2007

Already filed as a bug, see:

Although it happens also with i386, not only with AMD64. Nothing to do
with nvidia, applets or installed applications. In my desktops it looks
like setting screensaver to random has something to do with it.


My screen saver get activated every 5 mins. Once in awile when I move
>>> the mouse, the screen hangs and the pic stay steady and I can't do
>>> anything.
>>> I even pressed ctrl+alt+backspace, ctrl+alt+del still no help.
>>> Anybody experiencing this?
>> I am experiencing exactly the same problem with two different desktops.
>> Power Management is kept off. Screensaver was set to random after 5
>> minutes. Keyboard and mouse will lock if computer is left unnatended for
>> a long time.

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