Horrid fonts in Feisty

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Tue May 1 17:42:58 UTC 2007

Kirk Strauser wrote:
> I noticed that most fonts on my newly-updated Kubuntu/Feisty system look 
> pretty awful, as though they were both subpixel- and greyscale-antialiased 
> at the same time.  I ran "dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config" to make sure 
> nothing too wild was set up, and eventually removed my ~/.fonts.conf file 
> to remove any possible conflicts there.  The end results were absolutely 
> awful:
>     http://www.honeypot.net/~kirk/feisty-ugly-fonts.png

I have to correct my earlier statement.  That screenshot looks normal 
for FreeSans without AA.

Feisty's default Sans font should be Bitstream Vera Sans.. Verify that 
you have it installed.  That being said, I'll stick with my 
recommendations from earlier.

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