[Update] java - Edgy

Stanczak Group justin at stanczakgroup.com
Sat Mar 31 21:10:40 UTC 2007

I use Netbeans, but I usually install the JDK to my /opt separate from 
what I run on my machine. That way I can control the version I'm using.

John Dangler wrote:
> I found out that Sun Java Studio doesn't want the java6 runtime, but the
> java5.  I installed the java5 components from synaptic, and went through
> update-alternatives telling Ubuntu to use that version.  However, during
> the installation asks for the location of the JDK, and doesn't seem to
> be able to locate any on my Ubuntu system.  I tried /usr/bin/java, but
> it didn't like that.  Can anyone tell me where I would be able to locate
> this ?

Justin Stanczak
Stanczak Group

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