6.06: Desktop won't start afet updates.

Derek derekmailbox at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 07:20:47 UTC 2007

Hi all. This is my first serious issue since I decided to move to Ubuntu.
This morning, while I was doing the usual things (reply email, checking some
feeds) the "New updates avaible" indicator turned on. I briefly checked the
list and among other libraries and stuff I saw openoffice and firefox
updates, so I marked it (I do it always). As usual, the update process was
quick and smooth, when it finished I was asked to restart firefox. I tried,
but after close it, never came alive again, so I restarted the machine...
Now I only get the X login screen (which I didn't use anymore because I used
to autologin in my one user laptop), when I authenticate myself, the X seems
to restart and it bring me again to the login screen... I can login thru the
text console though... PLEASE any help avaible on this??? I really need to
bring back my desktop.

Thank you all!
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