installing ubuntu with speech

MICHAEL WEAVER michaelweaver1 at
Fri Mar 23 18:15:05 UTC 2007

Thanks for the suggestion Florian.
I thought the running of Ubuntu as Live was a problem because of lack of 
memory but as I managed to get Edgy working on the laptop after it was 
installed from the Alternate CD and as a newby to Linux and Ubuntu I 
couldn't be sure if it was the problem.
Hope my Compaq Presario 140 has the capacity or whatever for a memory 
upgrade. I didn't know if laptops were a problem as regards memory upgrades.
Probably also need to do the same thing with my desktop which has 
something like possibly 247 MB I think as I get a similar problem 
although I seemed to be able to run terminal and W3m text web browser 
using the test version for Feisty although this might be because Espeak 
uses less resources than Festival which has been the default synthesiser 
in Edgy and previous versions of Ubuntu.

Florian Diesch wrote:
> MICHAEL WEAVER <michaelweaver1 at> wrote:
>> Should I have enough memory to install Ubuntu from the desktop CD using 
>> speech or will I have to upgrade my laptop.
>> I don't know if I should have included the spaces between the items as 
>> there were a lot of places in the message that came up where there were 
>> about 6 spaces in between the information so I have tried to braille it 
>> as best I can.
> It's a table where the first line contains the column titles and the
> first column has no title but contains the row titles.
>> Total used free shared buffers cached
>> mem: 222388 218920 3468 0 1452 46896
>> -/+ buffers/cache: 170572 51816
>> swap: 650592 188 650404
> You're total RAM is 222388, 218920 of it is used (1452 of it for
> buffers, 46896 for cache) and 3468 is free. If buffers and caches would
> get freed you'd have 170572 used RAM and 51816 free.
> Better get some more RAM if you can.
>    Florian

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