firefox wants to enter a misspelled email address in forms?

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Wed Mar 21 18:53:35 UTC 2007

Matt Price wrote:
>>> a,k if i'd only known it were so easy!  thanks matt.  
>>> it seems as though firefox is now reluctant to ADD new values for this
>>> field, though.  so now that i've tried entering my real address in the
>>> forms at, having deleted the previously-irritating
>>> misspelled value, no new value is being saved.  any idea where i ought
>>> to look to change this behaviour?  somewhere in the bowels of
>>> about:config, perhaps?
>> That's strange.  What version of Firefox are you running.  In 1.5, open
>> Preferences, click Privacy, then Saved Forms.  Make sure the box is
>> checked. Otherwise, I would just restart the browser and be patient.
>> It's likely just a fluke.
> hmm, i'm not sure it is just a fluke.  i've restarted several times and
> am seeing the same behaviour, using 
> as a test case. The form on this page has two fields at the top, emmail
> address and name.  Having deleted the incorrectly-spelled email address,
> i find that no new data is being gathered for that field

Sorry, I really don't know, then.  You might consider filing a bug

Matt Flaschen

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