OO Base: unable to create database form (2.0.4)

David M lists2007 at trancepod.34sp.com
Mon Mar 19 15:21:45 UTC 2007

I don't seem able to create a database form in OO Base 2.0.4 (ie, the
version as ships with Ubuntu 6.10) when using the built-in HSQL database 
system as the data source (I haven't tried using an external database 
source as, for what I wish to use this particular database for, that 
isn't a possible solution).

I have created a new (simple) database, which contains 1 table, with an 
id field and a few text fields. So far, so good.

I then attempt to "Use Wizard to Create Form.."
I hear the sound of my hard disk rattling as if something is being
loaded up, and then.. nothing [1]. From experience on other platforms, I 
would expect a wizard window to appear.

[1] For something to die/fail without any kind of easily user-visible
error is a bit ..crap, I'm afraid. Is there some logfile somewhere I
could dredge? (That's a bit much to expect of non-geek users, though)

If I attempt "Create Form in Design View..", I do indeed get a design
window to use, but I am unable to select the "Add field" toolbar icon to
attempt to add fields from the existing table. It doesn't seem to be
ghosted out, but it's simply unclickable.

OO is using the Sun JRE 1.5.0_08, according to OO prefs, but I have a
hunch that somewhere along the line, I have some kind of Java issue
that is causing these problems..?

Does anybody have any idea what is causing these problems?

..and, please tell me that OO Base has come on in leaps and bounds in
time for the 7.04 release: from my experience of OO Base elsewhere, I
had a bit of a feeling that although it has great potential, it wasn't
/quite/ yet ready for proper production use, which is a pity.. ;-/


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