anacron: line continuation character in anacrontab

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Mon Mar 19 15:00:51 UTC 2007

Matthew Flaschen wrote in gmane.linux.ubuntu.user 
 about: Re: anacron: line continuation character in anacrontab 

> David M wrote:
>>> A bug reported to would help get this fixed.
>> I'd already thought of that. Unfortunately, Launchpad says
>> "can't report that from here"  :-(
> Are you sure?  Launchpad is very hard to navigate.  Try

Hmm, maybe I chose what turned out to be a too-deceptively-easy route?  ;-(

Go to: 
-> Search [anacron] -> 1 result: "anacron"
-> Select "anacron"
-> Bugs (from the sidebar)
-> Report a Bug (from the sidebar)
gets me to:

"Anacron does not use Malone as its bug tracker.

To report a bug about Anacron, please use its official bug tracker."

This differs from your URL somewhat. So, *how* did _you_ get there? ;-)

I took what seemed to be the most obvious route, so I'm puzzled it
didn't eventually end up in the same place.

If the URL you've stated is the right place to file a bug, then I'll
file a bug there. Very strange, though!


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