Laptop Reccomendation

Gabriel Dragffy dragffy at
Sat Mar 10 08:58:52 UTC 2007

Jim Smith wrote:
>> Surely if you fire up the computer, then put a cd in the drive, linux 
>> will do it's thing and then give you an icon for it?
> No it does not. If you try to use any Linux DVD player (xine, mplayer
> etc.) the error message is "No device /dev/scd0." As above. If however,
> the disc is in the drive _at bootup_ then the disc is recognised, the
> icon is displayed and disc can be played normally. Also, if there is a
> disc in the drive at boot and then that disc is ejected all subsequent
> discs are recognised when loaded. In short there has to be some sort of
> disc, even a blank will do, in the drive at boot for the drive to work.
> Jim

How queer.
I have no idea about that, but then I am a n00b with gnu/linux. What do 
you have written in to your fstab?

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