Best BT client (was Re: More on torrent clients ( which was Re: Here is Herd5 ))

Gabriel Dragffy dragffy at
Mon Mar 5 14:01:06 UTC 2007

Steve Lamb wrote:
> Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
>> I have been using the *best* bt client on ubuntu for some time now.
>     Well, best is a matter of personal preference, no?  Now, functional and
> more than bare bones, that's something we can discuss.  :)

Oh certainly it's a matter of personal preference. I kind of assumed 
that emails from me, written by me, automatically were classed as being 
IMO. Hmmm!

>> The client I use is *uTorrent* and I can safely say that this works 
>> *perfectly* under wine, so I am a very happy camper.
>     Yeah.  I had uTorrent on my machine and just downloaded the latest version
> to give it another go.  About the only thing I don't like is that its screen
> updates flicker.  But that might be because I am running it under Wine and
> displayed through TightVNC.  OTOH Azureus doesn't flicker.
>     Oh, and for the record, uTorrent under WINE is using far less CPU than
> Azureus does and far less RAM.  "Far less" as in Azureus would peg my CPU at a
> load of 1 on just one torrent and take up 300Mb of RAM.  uTorrent is pushing a
> whopping 0.01 load and 10Mb of RAM.

Indeed! That's why it's so cool! Even though it is running through an 
emulation layer (which would take up more system resources) all together 
it's still less than that beast - Azureus

>> Failing that it sounds like you may enjoy Ktorrent, but that's just not 
>> a patch on uTorrent.
>     I looked at KTorrent and for some reason I took a pass on it.  Couldn't
> tell ya why.

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