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Steve Lamb grey at
Mon Mar 5 10:21:36 UTC 2007

Ari Torhamo wrote:
> I've been using Deluge for a few weeks now and I'm satisfied. I always
> had some problems with other clients.

    Bleh.  I nabbed Deluge and it looked promising.  That is until I ran face
first into the one show-stopper bug it has.  If you change the port it uses it
crashes out.  Deleting the config directory, manually editing the config file,
purging and reinstall all do not work.  *sigh*

    This got me to start looking at some of the other clients I've used in the
past.  g3Torrent was good but hasn't been updated in about 2 years.  It was a
Windows only Python client that used wxWidgets for its GUI.  At the time it
was comparable to Azureus in form and function it just didn't run under Linux.

    It did spawn a Linux version eventually which later turned into Rufus.
Rufus hasn't been updated in 2 years either.  However I decided to download a
copy of Rufus and give it a whirl.  Had to create one directory but after that
it worked fine.  With the same torrents that Azureus had open it is using a
whopping 90Mb.  Azureus was using 300Mb.  I did mention that Java was bloated, no?

    I'm a Python hacker but reviving Rufus is a tad out of my league.  I have
no idea why on the Linux side of things we can't get anything other than
bare-bones or super-bloated.  You'd think with the plethora of home-grown
hackers on Linux we'd get that perfect middle ground without a problem.  On
the Windows side I could go for something like uTorrent; all the look and
field of Azureus with none of the bloat.

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