swap partition won't mount

Alex Janssen alex at ourwoods.org
Sun Mar 4 20:04:16 UTC 2007

Alex Janssen said the following on 03/04/2007 02:23 PM:
> Alex Janssen said the following on 03/04/2007 01:45 PM:
>> Hello to all,
>> Some time back I remember noticing that my swap partition was not being 
>> mounted anymore.  This started after some update had occured.  I've read 
>> the mkswap and swapon manual pages,  checked that the UUID link in 
>> /dev/disk/by-uuid is also in fstab and pointing to the proper partition, 
>> /dev/hdc6 in my case.
> Well, as usual, I jumped to ask the list before finishing my own 
> research.  I finally found the SwapFAQ at 
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq?highlight=%28swapon%29 and 
> followed the instructions under trouble shooting to delete the swap 
> partition and recreate it.  It works! 
> Regards to all,
> Alex
Happiness is such a fleeting thing!
I put the computer into hibernation then rebooted.  It did not revive 
from hibernation, but rebooted.  The error "can not find swap signature" 
or there abouts, came up during the reboot and free shows not swap 
available.  Running mkswap /dev/hdc6, then swapon -a gets it mounted and 
operational for this session.
I have 768MB RAM and the swap file is only 586MB.  Could this be the 
problem? Could the hibernate process have overwritten the swap signature?


Charlottesville, Virginia

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