Killed /home during install of another distro

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sun Jul 29 23:19:07 UTC 2007

In Ubuntu I have had a corruption of my /home partition, which resides
on sda4 of my Dell Inspiron laptop. Not knowing what to do, and with
no way to boot and google the situation, I played Y, Y, Y to all
fsck's questions. Now, /home is empty. I do have a backup from 4 weeks
ago, as I backup the first of every month, but I have done quite a bit
of work this past month. I'm very interested in recovering the data.

More info: This is a Dell Inspiron machine, 2.0GHz dual-core Intel
processor, 2GB RAM, 80GB 7000RPM hard drive, ATI X1400 video. The disk
is partitioned with sda1: 15GB /; sda2: 15 GB blank (Fedora was to go
here) ; sda3: 3GB swap ; sda4: ~47 GB /home. I set these partitions a
few months ago when I last installed Ubuntu. I had begun install of
Fedora 7 when the machine crashed- I didn't get to the real install
part. Upon rebooting (into Ubuntu), it complained something about
inodes. I gave it the root password (yes, I had previously set a root
password) and ran fsck (or something else resembling a rather
unacceptable work, appropriate name by the way). A few Y, Y, Y's later
I could boot the system. However, as soon as I logged into KDE I was
returned to the login screen. I CTRL-ALT-F4ed into a terminal and
logged in as root. I then cd'ed into /home, and ls showed that there
was nothing there. I immediately ran shutdown -h and now that I'm home
I'm writing from the wife's desktop.

Any help in recovering the /home/user directory, or even specific
files therein, would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Dotan Cohen

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